Ambassador Program

(Future) Social Entrepreneurs and Co-Creators, we need you. We want you to learn the co-creation model and to spread it. We believe you are the best hope for the fashion industry. What’s the community you know and love that has a need and desire to create?

Want to co-create? Want to spread the model? Want to transform the fashion industry? Become an ambassador. We’ll support you every step of the way.


1. Understand Yourself

Why do you desire to start a social enterprise or work with a particular community? Who are you to go in? Who are you at all? You must come to love and accept yourself. You must honestly see yourself in context before you can understand what others tell you about themselves.


2. Seek to Understand Others

Listen. Enjoy. Spend Time. Ask questions. Learn names and stories. These are the first steps to knowing a community.

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3. Co-Create from a Place of Mutual Respect

Allow everyone’s creativity to flow as you and the community come up with solutions and products that nobody could have created individually.

Then sell them on our website—earning income for you and the artisans you work with.

What’s covered in the Ambassador Training Program?

While we seek to customize each course to the needs of the current ambassadors, here are a few topics.

  • Navigating cultural realities using needs-based communication and strategies

  • Establishing workshop design with co-creators

  • Getting started in social entrepreneurship and why

  • Working with an attracting interns and volunteers

  • How to do quality assurance

  • Love-based marketing

  • How to utilize our website and platforms to sell your co-creations

Cara Boccieri

About Cara Boccieri

As the founder of Akamae and the co-creation fashion movement, Cara Boccieri has developed a unique way of connecting and co-creating with communities. At the foundation are three mindset shifts she believes anyone facing a new community must make. She summarizes them as:

  1. Love as opposed to fear

  2. A belief in in a community’s abundance as opposed to lack

  3. True connection and value as opposed to pity

From this places comes creative energy and the co-creation of products, services, and positive change.

With a background in social entrepreneurship, mediation, and participatory methods, Cara will design with you your unique experience.

  • Published researcher / author, "A Holistic Approach to Refugee Settlements"

  • Studied 'Social Entrepreneurship,' 'Mediation' and 'Participatory Research / Learning' with the United Nations

  • Been known to present across Europe at events such as, Global Sustainable Fashion Week, Budapest, Hungary

  • Founding member of Cross-Cultural Co-Creation Club

  • Years developing policy, procedure and advocacy guidance and documents for the world's largest international organization

  • Certified Maracass 'Healing Dance' facilitator

  • M.A. with the United Nations in 'International Peace & Conflict Resolution'

  • B.S. Environmental Sociology - Fair Trade

  • Post-grad course in Refugee Advocacy with the University of York

  • Lives in the Jungle!