Ambassador Program

Have you always wanted to connect with artisans around the world? Want to co-create unique collections? Want to share the model? Want to transform the fashion industry? Become an ambassador. We’ll support you every step of the way.

"This program transforms your relationship with yourself, it transforms how you view the world and and it transforms how you use your skills and experiences to exist in this world."

The ‘Co-creation with Artisans’ Program is about the way that we work, the way that we connect. To be honest, we do it deeply, nothing is surface level around here. 

You want to create a positive social impact on the world?


This transformational program begins with an inward journey of connection with self, with environment and with all.  

From this place we are able to connect with artisans in a space of Love, value and equality and  create positive change that is mutually beneficial. 

Founder, Cara, lives with the communities that we work with and has developed a model of 'co-creating with artisans' designed from her journey and experiences, from studying an M.A. with the United Nations, designing and carrying out participatory research in refugee camps, studying Tantra and living remotely in the Jungle.

It looks something like this;

  • An inward journey of self-Love and worth

  • Connection with our environment

  • An exploration of our realities and social constructions

  • Authentic connection with refugee communities

What’s covered in the Ambassador Training Program?

  • Connecting with remote communities

  • Navigating cultural realities using needs-based communication and strategies

  • Designing co-creation workshops

  • Getting started in social entrepreneurship and why

  • Working with and attracting interns and volunteers

  • Quality assurance with artisans

  • Love-based marketing

  • How to utilize our website and platforms to sell your collections


About Cara Boccieri

As the founder of Akamae and the co-creation fashion movement, Cara Boccieri has developed a unique way of connecting and co-creating with communities. At the foundation are three mindset shifts she believes anyone facing a new community must make. She summarizes them as:

  1. Love as opposed to fear

  2. A belief in in a community’s abundance as opposed to lack

  3. True connection and value as opposed to pity

From this places comes creative energy and the co-creation of products, services, and positive change.

With a background in social entrepreneurship, mediation, and participatory methods, Cara will share with you this unique approach.

  • Published researcher / author, "A Holistic Approach to Refugee Settlements"

  • Studied 'Social Entrepreneurship,' 'Mediation' and 'Participatory Research / Learning' with the United Nations

  • Been known to present across Europe at events such as, Global Sustainable Fashion Week, Budapest, Hungary

  • Founding member of Cross-Cultural Co-Creation Club

  • Years developing policy, procedure and advocacy guidance and documents for the world's largest international organization

  • Certified Maracass 'Healing Dance' facilitator

  • M.A. with the United Nations in 'International Peace & Conflict Resolution'

  • B.S. Environmental Sociology - Fair Trade

  • Post-grad course in Refugee Advocacy with the University of York

  • Lives in the Jungle!