"Like it or not, we live in a capitalist society where we express worth to each other through the exchange of money for goods and services. And yet, in this society we continue to say that certain people, certain communities are not valuable enough to join us here. We say to them, 'You are so unworthy of joining us, that we pity you.' And we keep them in that place of pity by not allowing them to enter our society, our capitalist society, by creating cycles of dependency - this is called charity."

Ways of Change is disrupting our global humanitarian aid model.

Through a model of human connection, Love and co-creation Ways of Change cultivates spaces where people thrive and where creativity flows. Connecting people through fashion, creating stories of oneness and valuing all people’s skills, experiences and lives - is a powerful act.

Ways of Change was a co-creation from the beginning, having been asked for from people living in refugee settlements when Cara was carrying out research.

“We have traditional skills that we want to use to support ourselves. But we don’t have access to any market.”

Ways of Change provides a connection, a marketplace and a global reach for disconnected artisans living in refugee situations. The result is entrepreneurship, self-reliance and preservation of traditional skills.