River Stone

River Stone


The River Stone Top is made-to-order which allows you to customize it.

It is a unique blend of traditional patterns and modern design. It is suitable for any occasion. The colorful woven patterns will make you shine anywhere, adding more Magic to your day!

The fabrics are used locally to make Myanmar’s traditional dress called a ‘longyi,’ a sarong that both men and women wear.

Exclusive: Limited to 40 orders as part of our pre-launch. New co-creation designs will be available in 2019.

FON FABRICS is a new ethical fashion brand. Read more about our story.

The River Stone Top is available in:

  • V-shape or round neckline for the FRONT

  • V-shape, round or straight neckline for the BACK

  • Size 38-44

I Love it!
  • This collection supports and values local craftsmanship and traditional Shan hand-woven fabrics

  • It takes 3 days to weave the fabric for the Top

  • Handwoven by artisan weavers using a foot pedal loom

  • Colors remain vibrant after washing

  • Made-to-order. Expected delivery 1-2 months after purchase  

  • Made in Myanmar, ships from Thailand