Be's Studs

Be's Studs


Be’s Studs were designed by Be to have a minimalist sleek style. She wanted to create a lightweight earring for everyday wear.

Be, who CHOOSES to wear her neck rings, knows how heavy brass can be when worn everyday.

Created from recycled brass rings that Rimu CHOSE to wear on her neck, the artist first heated them over a fire, hammered them flat and added the unique design.

These slim and delicate studs wear a simple pattern, etched by hand, also seen on Care's Bangle.

Muang Thai made 10 pairs of Be’s Studs as part of the CHOICE Collection. We don’t yet have a video of Muang Thai in action, but we are working on it.

P.S. That is Be in the picture to your left!

I Love it!
  • Handmade by refugee artisans from recycled metal

  • 14k gold ear wires

  • Finished by hand in Europe

  • For pierced ears

  • Ships from Thailand in a handwoven drawstring bag