Rom Bo Bracelet

Rom Bo Bracelet


Rom Bo means bracelet in Kayan and this piece is handcrafted brass beads woven through upcycled fabric. The handcrafted beads are representative of the life growth of a tree and embodies bohemian charm. The Rom Bo Handmade Bracelet is inspired by a traditional piece of jewelry where these beads are a part of a large handmade necklace.

La Tuang made 20 Rom Bo Bracelets for WoC's Core Collection. Check out La Tuang's story and catch a glimpse of his artisanal skills in action. 


I Love it!

• Handcrafted 100% brass beads

• Upcycled black fabric inside the bracelet

• Handmade loop clasp

• 7 ¾ inch circumference

• This item will be shipped in a handwoven drawstring bag