Layered Cuffs

Layered Cuffs

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These solid brass hammered cuffs come in a set of three, or can be purchased as two or one. These brass cuffs are reminiscent of the aluminum style ones many women in the Kayan culture wear. These unique cuffs are made by hammering brass into a carved buffalo horn mold, which gives them their unique size, shape and textured quality. Worn as a stack or individually, this polished set is the perfect everyday signature.

La Kyat made 20 sets of Layered Cuffs for Akamae's Core Collection. Check out La Kyat's story and see how he makes the Layered Cuffs.

I Love it!

• 100% solid brass

• Handcrafted

• Hammered into traditional buffalo horn mold

• Three sizes that come as a set

• Slips on by adjusting the size

• This item will be shipped in a handwoven drawstring bag