Kan Bo Bangle

Kan Bo Bangle


The Kan Bo Bangle is inspired by the kan tan bo poles which are created once yearly for the largest celebration in the Kayan culture. These poles represent the sun at the peak, the moon in the middle and a sanctuary where eternal deities reside, followed by the streamers connecting heaven and earth. These elements are embodied within the hand designed and crafted points at the end of each bangle.

La tuang made 20 Kan Bo Bangles for WoC's Core Collection. Check out La Tuang's story and catch a glimpse of his artisanal skills in action.

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• 100% solid brass

• Hand-made using traditional Kayan skills

• Unique engraved design throughout the bangle

• Slips on but can be adjusted

• 7 inch circumference with ¾ inch opening

• Can be worn on its own or layered with multiple bangles

• This item will be shipped in a handwoven drawstring bag

• Sales fund community projects