Founder - Cara B.

"I value people, their skills and experiences. I tell the women I work with everyday; 'I am not a charity. I am a business. And I am here because I value your skills and experiences. I value and honor you and the worth that you place on yourself.' Then I tell myself the same."


Cara is unique in the world of ethical fashion in that her background lies strongly in the refugee and community field with a focus on the region where she lives - the Thai Burma border. 

After completing her M.A. from the United Nations University for Peace in International Peace & Conflict Resolution, Cara made a name for herself with her unprecedented work on 'holistic approaches' to refugee settlements

Cara's research, the basis for Akamae, focuses on cultivating self-reliance in refugee communities, moving away from our current global model of humanitarian aid, dependency and deficit, and towards a model of abundance, human connection and worth.

During her research in refugee camps in 2011, Cara was hearing repeatedly from people the desire to use their traditional skills to work towards self-reliance. The missing link was access to a marketplace. Akamae, was a co-creation from the beginning! 


"I see people...

...who are actively seeking peace and positive change in their lives. This resonates with me. Everyday I cultivate spaces where a life based on these values can thrive and be shared."


Cara went on to develop migration policy and advocacy for some of the world's largest organizations, like Red Cross, before returning to Thailand (at the age of 30) to co-create Akamae. 

You may have noticed that Cara's approach to working with communities is different in that it focuses on human connection, beginning with connection with self, environment and with all. This comes from Cara's own journey of meditation, dance, living in the Jungle and Tantra and is woven together with her practical experience to create our unique model of working. 

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