Co-creation Fashion Design

Akamae connects fashion designers and refugee artisans to co-create change in the fashion industry. Join us in the Thai jungles or connect over Skype with our refugee artisans.

Co-Creating Ethical Fashion Through Authentic Connection

Designers with a passion for sustainable fashion face a long list of challenges.

  • How do you know and verify that manufacturers are treated with dignity?

  • Does sending off a design without learning the traditional knowledge and ideas of the artisans really represent the best outcome?

  • If not, how do you ever form the relationships with an international community to create truly sustainable fashion?

  • How do you overcome communication barriers?

We do things differently. When you work with our artisans, you have face-to-face conversations and build real relationships with the artisans. We encourage you to even come stay with us in Thailand (but we make it possible to do things long-distance via Skype).

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Together, we will co-create a handmade collection that facilitates the very thing that fast fashion conspires to stamp out - human connection. Each piece reflects the stories, lives and traditions of the skilled artisans behind them - and the connection and experience that you share with them.

  • Create a unique product with a story - that you are a part of.

  • Experience an inward journey through the Akamae model of working.

  • Experience authentic connections with refugee communities offering traditional skills in back-strap weaving, hand-stitching, silver and brass smithing, wood-carving, etc.

  • Work with artisans who continue to undergo training in entrepreneurship, financial planning, quality assurance and price-setting.

  • Work with experienced local interpreters.

  • Manifest your ethical product into reality through our existing sourcing relationships such as; organic and hand-dyed cotton, tribal textiles, local crystals, local markets, etc.

  • Fully immerse yourself in the experience of co-creation while we capture photo and video content and enjoy continued, on-location production content.

  • Remain connected as we follow through with production, quality assurance and shipment of your products.

  • Become an Akamae partner and be seen on all of our channels!

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Co-creation Fashion begins with an inward journey of connection with self, with environment and with all.

Here, we enter into co-creation with community and create spaces where creative energy, traditional skills, design, wisdom and culture are flowing and authentic relationships are built.

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Akamae has a unique way of connecting and co-creating with communities, based on Love opposed to fear, abundance opposed to lack and connection and value opposed to pity.

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In partnering with Akamae, become a part of changing our global paradigm from charity to one of entrepreneurship, worth and creativity.

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By sharing themselves, their stories and traditional skills, Akamae artisans are empowering you with a choice when it comes to creating your products and becoming a part of a story that you can be proud to wear and share.

We offer an opportunity for select brands and designers to enter a space of mutual empowerment and co-create with us.

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Do you want to have a truly positive social impact and create income with communities, but without appropriate knowledge and research you are afraid to have a "well-intentioned" fail?

By working within the existing Akamae model, your products will contribute to self-reliance and entrepreneurship.



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