Design With Us

Fashion designers and jewelry designers needed for co-creating ethical jewelry and sustainable fashion. Join us in the Thai jungles or connect over Skype with our refugee artisans.


Co-Creating Ethical Fashion Through Real Connection

Designers with a passion for sustainable fashion often face insurmountable challenges.

  • How do you know and verify that manufacturers are treated with dignity?

  • Does sending off a design without learning the traditional knowledge and ideas of the artisans really represent the best outcome?

  • If not, how do you ever form the relationships with an international community to create truly sustainable fashion?

We do things differently. When you work with our artisans, you have face-to-face conversations and build real relationship to the artisans. We encourage you to even come stay with us in Thailand (but we make it possible to do things long-distance via Skype).

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us at

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Our website, your website, our Facebook, your Facebook, our Instagram, your Instagram, and wherever else you sell your items. There’s power in our combined force.


Hold No Reservations on What You Present Your Customers

Getting into international ethical fashion is hard. You might always have questions and concerns. Join us on this journey and feel no reservations about what you sell.