“This program transforms your relationship with yourself, it transforms how you view the world and it transforms how you use your skills and experiences to exist in this world.” - Kasey

“Cara has a very valuable take on life and working together. Not only do you investigate and learn how to co-create with communities. For anyone who is ready to honestly explore themselves and how they interact with people, this is a valuable training.” - Lotte

Co-creation with Communities Training


An opportunity for students, entrepreneurs, investors and organizations to experience the ‘Co-creation with Communities’ model and make it your own.

Whether you are an emerging social entrepreneur ready to create an impact or an established organization shifting into the entrepreneurial space, you will move beyond our current humanitarian aid model and experience meaningful connections with the people you work with.


During this transformational training you will experience an inward journey of connection with self and with environment through;

  • Meditations

  • Cultivation of values and offerings

  • Exploration of realities and social constructions

  • Hikes through the Jungle

  • Swimming in local rivers, waterfalls and hot-springs


Akamae has developed a unique way of connecting and co-creating with communities based on three foundational paradigm shifts;

  • Love as opposed to fear

  • Abundance as opposed to lack

  • Worthiness as opposed to pity

Working with these mindset shifts you will experience authentic connection with remote refugee communities. We navigate cultural realities using needs-based communication and strategies. At the end of the training you are designing and facilitating co-creation workshops.

You will gain experience in a model which is changing our global paradigm from one of charity to one of entrepreneurship, worth and creativity. While beginning your social entrepreneurship journey with practical tools such as;

  • Needs-based communication and strategies

  • Workshop design and facilitation

  • Working with interns and volunteers for mutual benefit

  • Quality assurance and price setting with communities

  • Opportunity for continued social entrepreneurship coaching


“This training was very inspiring and empowering. Cara emphasized everyone's importance and value in creating a space of shared learning. In the beginning we began growing our roots in compassionate connection to ourselves and others. This proved to be very worthy in our time in connection with the community and was the foundation for awesome things to happen.”  - Jessica

“This is about the way that we work, the way that we connect. To be honest, we do it deeply, nothing is surface level around here.”  Founder, Cara, lives with the communities that we work with and has developed a model of 'co-creating with communities' designed from her journey and experiences. From studying an M.A. with the United Nations, designing and carrying out participatory research in refugee camps, studying Tantra and living remotely in the Jungle.


Read about our Founder, Cara B.