Co-creation Fashion Design

Ways of Change connects fashion designers and refugee artisans to co-create change in the fashion industry...from the inside out. 

"It's simple...we know that the Magic doesn't only exist in the communities and the Magic doesn't only exist in our designers. The Magic is in the connection...and that space of connection is where co-creation fashion happens.

The result is undeniably original, fashion-forward capsule collections."


Co-creation Fashion begins with an inward journey of connection with self, with environment and with all.

Here, we enter into co-creation with community and create spaces where creative energy, traditional skills, design, wisdom and culture are flowing and authentic relationships are built. 

  • Create a unique product with a story - that you are a part of.

  • Experience an inward journey through the Ways of Change model.

  • Experience authentic connections with refugee communities offering traditional skills in back-strap weaving, large loom weaving, hand-stitching, silver-smithing, brass-smithing, wood-carving, etc.

  • Work with artisans who continue to undergo training in entrepreneurship and finances, quality assurance, price-setting, and co-creation.

  • Work with experienced local interpreters. 

  • Manifest your ethical product into reality through Cara's existing sourcing relationships (e.g. local organic hand-dyed cotton, tribal textiles, local crystals, local markets, etc.).

  • Fully immerse yourself in the experience of co-creation while we capture photo and video content and enjoy continued on-location content.

  • Remain connected to Cara as she follows through on production, quality assurance and shipment of your products.

  • Become a Ways of Change partner and be seen on all of our channels!


As the founder of 'Ways of Change' and the 'co-creation fashion movement,' Cara has developed a unique way of connecting and co-creating with communities, based on Love opposed to fear, abundance opposed to lack and connection and value opposed to pity, all contributing to flowing creative energy and the co-creation of fashion-forward capsule collections and positive change.


In partnering with Ways of Change, become a part of changing our global paradigm from charity to one of entrepreneurship, worth and creativity. 

Together, we will co-create a handmade collection that facilitates the very thing that fast fashion conspires to stamp out - human connection. Each piece reflects the stories, lives and traditions of the skilled artisans behind them - and the connection and experience that you share with them. 


By sharing themselves, their stories, traditional skills and producing ethical products, WoC artisans are empowering you with a choice when it comes to creating your products and becoming a part of a story that you can be proud to wear and share. 

You are invited to connect on a deeper level with the artisans that you work with through the Ways of Change process of co-creation. 

IMG_0928 (1).jpg

Do you want to have a truly positive social impact and create income with communities, but without appropriate knowledge and research you are afraid to have a "well-intentioned" fail?

By working within the existing Ways of Change model, your products will contribute to self-reliance and entrepreneurship. 

Cara has done the research for you...and published a book on it.  

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Founder, Cara, lives in the remote jungle with refugee communities co-creating unique products made possible through the connection that we share. We create a space of mutual empowerment - with this approach we are offering an opportunity for select brands and designers to co-create with us. 

With a background in social entrepreneurship, research, meditation and participatory methods, Cara will design, with you, your unique experience.

"My passion is in creating spaces where these values, people and creativity thrive!"