Meet the gorgeous face of our ‘Ga Na Tay’ Conscious Collection, Renee. We met Renee when working in Australia a few years ago and were instantly drawn to her kind heart, captivating smile and bohemian lifestyle. Renee embodies so many of the core principles behind WoC and lives a holistic and fashionable life. Enjoy getting to know this beauty inside and out!

(Here Renee is wearing the Tua Horn NecklaceTua Horn BangleLayered CuffsRom Bo Bracelet and Ku Tay Earrings)

My passion for health and well being has been part of who I am from the day I was born, I was brought up in a health conscious family, so it was inevitable that I was to follow a wholesome, happy lifestyle and develop an appreciation and love for food and the environment. Growing up I was a model for 6 years, the pressures of being 'skinny' and conforming to a certain look, rooted my understanding for what I was eating and what it was doing to my body, so I am extremely grateful for that experience and what it taught me and the people I met along the way. These days I am living in New York City with my boyfriend working in fashion and studying Health Science, in which I major in Naturopathy. I have big aspirations for my career, wherever it will take me in the world of natural living! I believe in a simple but abundant, positive and natural lifestyle and hope to travel the world and share my vision.

I first found out about Ways of Change from Co-Founder Lauren, my prior modeling agent in Australia and friend. The stories and business aspirations and ideals of Ways of Change are a major inspiration to me and my career goals. An innovative, high- quality, fashion-forward brand empowering a positive change in the world through sustainable and ethical living; what else could you want?! I was so excited to be a part of this photo shoot and the Ways of Change community and can’t wait to collaborate more in the future!

Follow me on my journey @theverdevida

Renee x