WoC was lucky to take a break from our day to enjoy a bit of 'Tea for Change' with the lovely San Francisco based blogger Kelly from A Side of Sweet. Enjoy this bit of Valentine's Day inspiration as Kelly shows off our latest 'Ga Na Tay' Conscious Collection pieces with lots of yummy sweets.

Why did you start A Side of Sweet? And what inspires you to continue working on it?

Blogging is truly my passion. It's much more work than people realize, but it's so much fun to be able to share a piece of my life with so many people.It's so rewarding when people tag me on Twitter or Instagram in a photo of a dish they made using one of my recipes! It makes everything worthwhile.

You are one busy lady as a physician, blogger and recipe developer! What are your tips for the New Year for keeping organized and on track?

Honestly, I think it's about prioritizing what is important and also taking care of yourself. I always make sure I exercise and get enough sleep so that I can start the day energized and ready to tackle my super long to-do list! It's when you don't prioritize your health that you start feeling the effects of stress and burnout.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans and who will you be spending it with? 

I'll actually be on vacation in Cape Town with my husband. We like to plan things as we go, so I won't know until we get there!

Favorite places to eat in San Francisco.

There are so many, it's hard to choose! I actually keep a running list of my thoughts on all of the places I've tried on my blog. My favorite meal is brunch, and the places I keep going back to are 20th Century Cafe, Plow and Souvla.

What are your favorite pieces from WoC?

I wear the Coil Rings almost every day! I love wearing multiple of them on different fingers to get a lovely layered look.