A magical sunset, an inspiring young women and beautiful handcrafted jewelry...what more could you ask for in a day! WoC was lucky to partner with the fabulous Caity from Moi Contre La Vie for this beautiful video. Caity is one busy lady between running her blog, being a 'high heel warrior' and health enthusiast she never stops!

What are your winter styling secrets?

I look forward to Winter accessories year around - From the perfect pop of color with a scarf, to breaking out your chic Wellies, to timeless outerwear you can wear season after season. So pile on the gloves and hats, and have some fun with your style.

You used to be a competitive gymnast so needless to say you know a thing or two about health and staying fit. Any health and wellness tips for us for 2016?

Preparation is KEY when it comes to maintaining your healthy living goals. Habits like Sunday meal prep & planning out your workouts in advance will help you stay on track. Try adding your workout classes to your calendar and pencil in your trips to the gym on Monay morning. And be sure that you have healthy snacks & meals prepared/on hand since you'll make less healthy choices if you wait until you're starving.

What female leaders inspire you?

Arianna Huffington, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Audrey Hepburn are three women who I have looked up to for years. In predominantly male industries, all three carved out impressive resumes for themselves. They've also all been very vocal about giving back to the community and were active in forming/spearheading organizations that promoted important social and cultural progress.

What advice has always stuck with you?

When I was starting to panic senior year of college about resumes & jobs and feeling the need to have my life mapped out my father gave me to excellent pieces of advice that have always stuck with me. First, no decision you make is irreversible. And second, people have multiple careers over the course of their lives. Both of these are perfect for a high strung 21 year old, and both take the pressure off of your big decisions, which can really help you make more rational choices.

What are your favorite WoC pieces and how do you style them?

I adore the Kan Bo Bangle and Choker, and the Coil Rings. They're all perfect for layering and stacking, so you can create a wholly unique and personalized look with easy. Try pairing with a crisp white button down shirt or your favorite little black dress.