AKAMAE HOLIDAE: Design Competition

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Akamae Holidae: Can you be our next capsule designer?

We know we have many designers following us, and we have not partnered with you enough. We know it’s hard for designers to find an “in” in the world of ethical fashion. We want to open that door for one designer this holiday season.

If you follow Akamae (formerly Ways of Change), you’ve heard founder Cara’s impassioned words about co-creation and challenging the existing fashion and development models.

(If you don’t know what we’re talking, go check out Akamae’s unique approach on our About Us page, in this speech transcript, and on Fashion Revolution.)

We’re passionate about building fashion on real human connection between designers and artisans. This connection, mutual respect, and belief in love forms the foundation of all we do.

But we’ve stayed small. Now…

What if you, as a designer, could co-create with us?

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Win a chance to design with us

You can.

To launch Akamae’s new brand (formerly Ways of Change), we’re hosting the Akamae Holidae Contest—a unique design competition.

  • Submit your application for why you should be the designer for the Akamae Holidae Capsule

  • Vote for yourself, and get every follower and everyone you love to vote for you—every single day.

  • The applicant with the most votes wins. We’ll announce the winner on November 3rd, 2018

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What will the Akamae Holidae winner get?

The chance to learn the co-creation model--a unique way of connecting designer and artisan through mutual respect and value

  • The opportunity to meet, via video conferencing, and collaborate with our artisans

    • This includes initial meetings, prototyping, and finalizing designs. Because we aim to produce high-end fashion, we don’t settle until we’ve gotten it right.

  • The chance to sell the new capsule collection on all your platforms and ours--building on each other’s combined brand awareness.

What does co-creating in the jungle of Thailand actually look like?

We made this video with @Benita_Robledo during the co-creation of her upcoming capsule. She, like our Akamae Holidae winner, did not have the chance to come to the jungle. Instead, we brought the jungle to her via Skype. Take a look!

Submit your application at http://bit.ly/AkamaeHolidae.

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #AkamaeHolidae and #iwannacocreate to share your submissions and encourage your followers to go vote for you!

(Or tag a designer that you want to submit an application with the #AkamaeHoliday hashtag.)

Cara Boccieri