Calendar of Events - Nederlands

Time flies when you spend the days answering the most heartfelt, positive messages of support imaginable. It’s been less than a week since my episode of “Floortje Naar Het Einde Van De Wereld” took to the Dutch airwaves and already so many new doors to connect and collaborate have flung open.

All the beautiful messages and opportunities have inspired me to do what I Love and follow the flow. In a few short weeks I will be bringing my experiences and insights to the Netherlands!

My story began as a researcher and pioneer of “holistic approaches” to refugee settlements. I even wrote a book on the subject. The language and practices of holism continue to guide my work as a social entrepreneur who chooses to see value over detriment, abundance over deficit.

This perspective of power, choice and impact, I’ll offer Dutch audiences this summer at fair fashion events and co-creative workshops in the refugee sector. I have recently joined the panel for Awearness Fashion Foundation’s annual Awearness Fashion Cafe during Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem on June 14th.

Keep an eye on this page for an updated calendar of events and locations where you can grab a sneak peak of our newest collection of handmade jewelry and accessories…

As I wrote about in my reflective piece on filming with Floortje, “I learned that my choices have led me to a life of Love, connection, gratitude, bliss and positivity because I make them based on feeling. I trust my feelings.” I trust the feeling leading me to the Netherlands and embrace the chance to see Ways of Change as a model to facilitate a shift in the way we view refugees, a defining issue of our time.

Please feel free to reach out and connect me with any opportunities for co-creation and collaboration;

Tot snel...

Vrede & Liefde,