I was on an award-winning documentary series and I learned a lot


I don’t get many visitors, but recently, a famous Dutch TV presenter contacted me and came to visit out in the jungle on the Thailand Burma border where I live in a bamboo hut.

In her show, Floortje naar het einde van de wereld, she visits people all over the world, who choose to live remotely. “Floortje” is a household name in Holland, everyone Loves her (I also Love her)! And just about everyone tunes in on Sunday nights to see who she will visit this week.

Although Floortje visits beautiful and remote places, the show always focuses on the person and the choices they have made that have led them to where they are.

It seems strange, but many of Floortje’s questions about choice and how I have come to be here, were things I had not considered before. I learned a lot about myself as I took the time to describe and explain my core beliefs and values, which guide my choices. It was a powerful exercise in self-awareness, reflection and growth.

Choice is power, we are powerful beings. Our values guide what we do with our power, what impact we have on people and places all over the world (even from out here in the jungle) and what world we co-create.

Really, we should be carefully curating our values. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be interviewed and reflect on my choices and the journey we have created together.

This is what I learned about myself…

1. I learned that my choices have led me to a life of Love, connection, gratitude, bliss and positivity because I make them based on feeling. I trust my feelings.

As I shared my story with Floortje, I heard myself saying, “I felt that there was more to life…I felt that it was time to leave…it felt right, etc. I feel connected…I feel supported…I feel loved, etc.” My language was portraying that throughout my life my feelings have been guiding me.

This has been possible because I value and trust my feelings, they are a part of me.

2. My feelings and choices are directed by Love, not fear. Love for myself, others and the Earth, all guide my choices everyday.

I don’t struggle with the idea to not use a plastic bag because I Love the Earth. I have no desire to eat chemicals, because I Love body. I Love the people who surround me.

More than once, and in different contexts, I responded to Floortje’s questions with, “I don’t fear life!” One time this response was in regard to the very large spider which shares my bed with me.

This feeling of Love eliminates any type of struggle, choices are easy. Combine this with trusting my feelings and life is magical!

3. I believe that Love is the connection that we feel with each other. Wholeness has come from experiencing this Love for myself.

I explored how this feeling of wholeness had emerged after hearing myself use it when Floortje inquired about some of my choices.

Living remotely was intrinsic to this part of my journey. I spent a lot of time on my own, seeing myself, connecting with myself and feeling Love for myself.

I already knew that I Loved the jungle and the wisdom and creativity that it is so full of, but when I am able to look at the jungle and see myself in it and it in me, then I am complete, I am all, I am whole. To know that I also had that wisdom that beauty, that magic inside myself inspires complete Love.

When I am making choices from a place of wholeness, I can give and receive fully, I don’t expect anything in return. Because I am already whole.

In response to Floortje’s questions regarding my choosing to not have a life partner, I explained that I am a whole and complete person. I feel Loved, cared for and supported. I love spending time with myself. So, a partner is in addition to this. A partnership, can be fun and full of growth and beauty but it is not necessary to complete me or my life.

I meet people often who feel that the work I do is to “help” or is out of pity for a marginalized group of people. However, this is not how I see my days. I see myself working and living together with people who are full of skills, experiences and value. We co-create a world that we envision as possible for all of us, by living in it. In approaching life from wholeness and connection we want to create a world that is sustainable and thriving for everyone and the Earth.

In working and living with refugees, I have found people who value human resilience, peace and Love. My focus is to cultivate a space where this culture of positivity, peace and Love can thrive and impact the world. None of this has been a struggle to choose, when guided by trust for myself and my feelings of Love and connection.

We are powerful beings, the question is; what will we do with our power?

Vrede & Liefde,